Hi, I’m Zoe Chevat…

…an animator, illustrator, and writer, who is interested in taking on exciting new projects and becoming part of a larger team.

Some Interesting Facts

— I studied anthropology as a secondary major in undergrad, specializing in art ethnography
— I am a big fan of the Universal classic horror cycle and old school monster movies
— A voracious reader, I love to browse bookshops in search of rare monographs
— I’ve travelled extensively in Europe and Canada: my favorite city is Prague
— One of my hobbies is doing stand-up comedy
— I’m interested in learning about practical special effects, and have practiced making my own latex prosthetics to turn friends (and myself) into horrific creatures

Skills Include…

Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Final Cut Pro Studio, traditional 2D and digital 2D animation, and sculpting in WED, SuperSculpey, and apoxy.