Beastly Things is a thesis film developed while in attendance as an MFA candidate in Experimental Animation, at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Partially completed while a student at the Institute, the film is on a temporary hiatus, with plans to finish it within the next calendar year.

From the original script treatment:Beastly Things is a hand-drawn animated short film portraying a young outsider who, in response to monstrous treatment, becomes a monster. The film unflinchingly explores body horror, victimhood, and personal recovery through a surreal lens. The central figure’s transformations are not only portrayed literally, but are echoed in the gradual breakdown of the film’s animation style. As darkness encroaches on the story, the weight and activeness of the animated line reflects the protagonist’s evolution, from her child’s fear, to her monstrous transformation, and, finally, to her shaky, but calm, emergence.”

The animation is hand-drawn, frame-by-frame, and inked on heavyweight animation bond, using a variety of quill nibs, brushes, and improvised tools. It is then scanned and composited in post production with digital coloring, paper textures from old books, scanned film stock, and watercolor stain.

Below are fully rendered screencaps, concept art, character designs, and technique tests.