[cudazi_column width=’6′ class=’alpha’ ]I am Zoe Chevat, a NY born, Jersey-bred bibliophile, who works as an illustrator, animator, and writer. After majoring in animation at Bennington college, I went on to CalArts, where I was a part of the MFA in Experimental Animation Program. This has mostly entitled me to make elaborate plans for short films, and to talk too much at parties.

I have animated and illustrated on numerous projects, most recently the documentary Desert Age, the Next MacGyver competition for the National Academy of Sciences, the horror film The Hell Within, and the bestselling graphic novel The Reason for Dragons.

In addition, I have written for a number of online publications, including VFXWorld.com and Animation World Network, of which I am the former managing editor, and The Mary Sue, where I reviewed movies for 3 years. Most recently, I have written for feminist magazine Bitch, covering the representation of women in Hollywood media. (For links, see the “Writing” tab on this site.)

I live and work in Los Angeles, in the company of several enthusiastic cactus plants and far too many books.
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