Alongside my illustration, graphic design, and animation projects, I have worked as a pop culture commentator and film journalist for a variety of internet publications, such as established feminist magazine Bitch, popular ‘girl geek’ site The Mary Sue,, and Animation World Network, of which I am a former Managing Editor. My contributions include film criticism, humorous lists, technical articles, festival overviews, interviews with innovative figures in entertainment, and investigations into the new, experimental, and deliciously oddball offerings out there. I specialize in discussions of feminism, gender, and sexuality within the film, animation, and television industries.

A full list of my articles for The Mary Sue can be found under my author’s tag. My articles for Bitch can be found by doing a search on their main site.

The archives for my (now-defunct) column for AWN, Off-Model, are available on the magazine’s main site. They include The Friday Five, a weekly series that highlighted new animation shorts from around the world.